Song of the month – Mansion, Robe and Crown

The Song of the Month for February 2013 is…

Mansion, Robe and Crown


Here you can listen to the song and see the lyrics. The PowerPoint is available for download if you would like it. 






Verse 1

I'm gonna trade my earthly home for a better one bright and fair.

Christ left to prepare a mansion for His children in the air.

I'll join  Him in that land where tears nor sorrow can be found.

And I'll receive my Mansion, Robe and Crown.


Chorus – Soprano, Alto and Tenor

Mansion, robe and a crown.

There love always abound.

Let me Your throne surround.

Lord, please reserve my mansion robe and crown.


Chorus – Bass

Lord I want a brand new mansion, robe and a crown in glory.

There I know that love and peace will always abound forever.

Let me be among the saved to your throne surround.

Lord please reserve my mansion robe and crown.


Verse 2

The weather there is always fair.

There is sunshine day and night.

No cold and no rain will fall there for the Son shines ever bright.

I'll need no heavy garments, I'll just wrap my robe around.

When I receive my mansion robe and crown.




Verse 3

My head is bowed and bloody from the work that I've tried to do.

But one day I'll be rewarded with a crown so bright and new.

I'll wear a smile so bright for there'll be no cause for a frown,

When I receive my mansion robe and crown




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