Bulletin for October 22, 2017

Bulletin for October 22, 2017

Help is Needed

When someone asks you for help, what is the rst thing you imagine? Help has come to mean money rather than carrying one end of a heavy object to load it in your car. Peter did address that in Acts 3 when the lame man asked for alms. He did not give him money, but he did heal him as proof of the power of Jesus. If he had not healed him but rather just told him about the power of Jesus, the story may have turned out very different. The story is still about the power of Jesus to change a life. Many put less emphasis on the spiritual healing than we do on physical healing.

If we have the ability to do spiritual healing, we should do it, even if people are more interested in the money or the physical healing. If that is what we have, then we will nd ourselves at a time and place where that is what is needed. We must not let others make us feel bad about what we have to give, as if they could demand from God. That is between them and God. God has given us what he wants us to share and that is how we help.

We don’t ask for help very often. We try to do everything we can do on our own, and when we cannot do it without help, we will ask. People never get to do things with us and for us if we don’t ever need help. We lose some relationship by not asking for help. Jesus called disciples to follow him so they could do the work he intended. His plan was not to do it alone. The whole concept of church is that we are in this together.

Some people ask for too much too often. That doesn’t change that help is an important part of what we do as people of God. God didn’t make us where we would not need help. Having something to give is one of the most important things we do. We usually can’t solve the whole problem. We can give what God has given us. He gave it to us to share and not for our independence. Our strength in Christ is that we stand together as one people under God–His people to do his will.



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