Bulletin for January 21, 2018

Bulletin for January 21, 2018



Where are the places of honor today? In the past it was how high up in the organization
we were. President was always at the top of the place of honor. Today, we have approval
ratings that let us know if people think we are on top or not. We don’t seem to be bothered if
our president has a low approval rating. How do we find out what our approval rating is and
would anyone care? Would it help us to improve if we knew we only had a 20% approval
rating? If a father or mother had a low approval rating with their children, would they change
so the children would like them? If wife or husband had a low approval rating, would they
Is God concerned about his approval rating? Probably not. He is God. The task is for us to
love him, not for him to please us. Parents are still parents even if the child is upset in time
out. The rating may have more to do with the child than the parent. True honor is about the
reason we honor. If we receive honor simply because we are popular or pretty, that is not
much honor. The trend will change soon. The military gives medals because of what people
have done. They earned the medal. Parents don’t get honor simply because of biology, they
have to have done something to be a good parent.
We honor God because of who he is and what he has done. He is not the tyrant trying to
punish as many as possible and find everything wrong with people. His rules don’t make life
harder, they protect us from making mistakes. He is God because of his great love and the
way he expresses that love to us. He is God because of power, might and strength that is
expressed in beauty, control and compassion. We believe God could send part of himself to
suffer for us that we might live and flourish in a new life beyond just existence.
Worship is not because God is popular. We must not make God popular so that worship is
easier for people. Worship is our way to honor God because of what we believe about him.
We believe his love and grace. We believe his power and creation. We believe he is willing
to suffer for us so that we can be with him. We believe his wisdom can make us into a new
person who has honor because of what he has done. We believe God is holy and righteous
and he can make us that way also. We are awed by the glory of God and how he makes
everything perfect in its time. We can know this God of grace and love who lives in eternal
glory and makes us become like him so we can share his holiness, righteousness and glory
in eternity, where evil has been removed to allow for continual rejoicing and honor to him.
Our approval rating of God says more about us than it does about him.


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