Bulletin for January 28, 2018

Bulletin for January 28, 2018


Finding Jesus

The Jesus we find when we look may have more to do with where we look than
with who Jesus is. When we hear the name Jesus Christ in a bar, it will be just an
expletive and not a confession of faith. Hearing of Jesus in church may depend on
whether it comes from someone like the Pharisees or a disciple. Jesus had followers
that were dedicated to him no matter what. He also had followers who were there
just for the bread they could get. Finding the true picture of Jesus is difficult.
If we are to find the true Jesus, we must understand the context of where people are
speaking. If a lame man has just been healed (Acts 3) and Peter tells us it is because
of Jesus that he is able to walk, we would be praising God. The people would be
excited that a great miracle has occurred. God is working among his people and the
name of Jesus is the reason. Jesus had such care and compassion for people, and
now that is carried on by his disciples as they pray and work in the name of Jesus.
If we were to sit among the Sadducees, elders, rulers and scribes as they arrested
Peter and John, (Acts 4) we would find them greatly annoyed because of Jesus.
They had been talking about resurrection being possible in the name of Jesus. The
Jesus we would find would be not just controversial but disliked and thought of as a
false prophet. The Sadducees didn’t even believe in resurrection. That Jesus would
be a threat and a menace to church and society. Jesus and his followers would bring
anger rather than rejoicing.
When you find Jesus today, where do we look? Do we look among the disbelievers
who favor science over Jesus? Do we look at the Society with its message that God
is not needed and seems to be the cause of great suffering. Do we look among the
healed and forgiven who rejoice for what he has done for them? Who do we say he
is? Who is Jesus to us? What we say will be an influence on other people. We must
let our voice be heard for what God has done for us.



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