Bulletin for February 4, 2018

Bulletin for February 4, 2018

Great Worship                                                     20180204_Bulletin

What makes great worship? We all have different opinions on what makes great
worship. There are no real examples or lists given to say great worship is when we
do this. We can make our own list–at one time there were 19 different things on my
list, but they were not given as a list to do. There is more talk about bad worship
both with the Jews and the Christians than there is good worship. He told us one of
Satan’s biggest temptations is about worship.
While great worship can be individual, much of worship in the Bible is understood
to be all together. The phrase, “When you come together,” means it is done when
we are all together (1Cor 11:17ff). We don’t have examples of worship done well.
The example of Corinth is when it is so bad that Paul says that isn’t even the Lord’s
supper that you took. We see good examples of Troas (Acts 20:7) and Berea (Acts
17:10-11), but there are not many details given. There are no examples of the
worship at Jerusalem. We have Paul and Silas in prison where some sing and some
listen, but that would be more private than public (Acts 16). To get the full effect of
that powerful worship’ should we be beaten and put in stocks?
Jesus gave us an example of humility by saying it looks like a child in the middle of
a group with big egos. He didn’t ever say worship looks like this. What he did was
make sure we knew the story about the temple when he was twelve (Luke 2). He
told the woman at the well about worship outside of Samaria (John 4).
To do worship bad is to be unengaged, unconcerned, just do the ritual and have an
ulterior motive. Worship done well starts with respect for who you worship. Great
respect expressed is called praise. The result we want is when, “Great awe came
upon every soul,” (Acts 2:43). Many factors went into the church being like that. Can
we have that same awe today if we are people like them?


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