Mission Sunday Videos

I am currently uploading the videos shown during Mission Sunday 2011. Please Check back frequently to see more videos appear.  A DVD is in the works, and will be released in 2 weeks, if...

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  When we talk about freedom the first thing we think of is that we fight for freedom. Sometimes the fight is necessary. There are always ones in control who want to take away...

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Mission Sunday 2011

This year's Mission Sunday Theme is "Tell Me The Story of Jesus"   Mission Sunday is November 6, 2011   We will be Discussing the plans and budgets for Ghana, Guyana, S.E. Asia, Taiwan,...

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Learning what you Don’t Need

School has started. Students sometimes complain that they are expected to learn things in class that they will never use. That just means they are not planning to do anything in life that would...

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What our belief means to us

What This Belief Means in Our Lives (A) Spirit-Led Living Living by the Spirit means that we do not gratify the desires of the flesh/sinful nature. Being Spirit-filled means that we live in accordance...

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What We Believe

What We Believe (A) About God God is a Spirit who is intelligent, eternal, holy, true, good, sovereign, just and merciful. He is infinite in power and wisdom, who lovingly creates and sustains all things....

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