Children’s Education
Village Del Soul

IMG_0001It’s a great time to be a child in the Mesa family! 2012 has brought some exciting changes to our Children’s Education Ministry.  The old adage that you are never too young to learn is truly believed at Mesa.  Classes are offered for children of all ages!

Cradle Roll is the 1st class experience offered for our youngest family members.  Those who range in age from birth to two years are taught, primarily through song, that Jesus loves them and that God made us and the world around us special.

The 2’s & 3’s and pre-school classes are taught through songs, crafts, and many other media types that God made us, loves us, cares for us and protects us.  These principles are taught in the regular Sunday and Wednesday Bible classes as well as in the Toddler Bible Hour (TBH) program for ages 2 & 3 during the sermon part of our morning worship!

The Journeyland curriculum published by the Memorial Road Church of Christ in Edmond, OK, was introduced in our K-6th Grade classes in the Fall.  The curriculum, based on the rotation model, is designed to use a variety of methods to teach lessons so that children, no matter what method of learning they benefit most from, can understand and retain the lessons and principles taught.  This journey through the Bible will be completed twice by children who begin the program as Kindergarteners.


Students are grouped according to age and “rotate” through the different classes for a 5-week period.  Bible lessons are taught in all of the classes, but a different approach to learning is used in each rotation.  During each 5-week period, each age group will spend a Sunday in the Storytelling room where Bible Story details are stressed, in Creative Corner where hands-on art, science and cooking activities related to the story are the main focus, in the Museum where culture and geography are presented, in the Soul Repair Garage where singing and music is the emphasis and in the Heavenly Pursuit games room where principles are taught through physical games and activities and facts are reviewed through games such as Jeopardy or Wheel of Fortune adapted for Bible facts.

The Wednesday classes add a Drama rotation where acting out stories and applications are emphasized, an application and kindness section that helps children reach out to others and a scrapbooking class where Bible book content is reviewed and used in putting together their own book of Bible memories.

The introduction of this new method of teaching brought with it a huge change to our facilities as well.  Each “rotation” is housed in a newly-remodeled room that fits well in our “Village” which is aptly named “Village del Soul”.  The theater/drama room also houses our Children’s Bible Hour (CBH) program for those ages 4 years through 4th grade during the sermon portion of our morning worship service.

IMG_2343The true mission of this “village of the soul” is to guide our children as they grow in their knowledge and love of God.  These classes, as well as those for our younger children, TBH and CBH, are taught by teachers who love the Lord and want to share that love.  Each village class also has an assistant (Journeyman) who works with the children on memory work and encourages them to reach their full potential.

While the curriculum is fantastic and the facilities are top notch, the children themselves are the greatest asset in our village!  Jesus said; “Let the little children come to me and do not hinder them, for to such belongs the kingdom of heaven.”  (Matt. 19:14).  We, too, extend this invitation to children in our neighborhood, in the city of Mesa and in the surrounding areas!  Come be a part of “Village del Soul” and grow with us!