Blessings of Division

God made Adam and Eve and gave them special privileges. We don’t have record
of other people, but they were the Garden of Eden Society. The only ones allowed
in. Their membership was revoked for an infraction of the rules. God chose Abraham
and his family over all the other families. He blessed them in a special way that would
involve a long time and the whole earth. God promoted the idea of special privilege from
the beginning and for all eternity. The concept of heaven and hell is that some will be
blessed and some will be punished. In order to share blessings, divisions must occur.
We don’t divide over the things God does. We can divide over anything. The big ones
are race, religion and politics. Even the division over religion is not the same. We want
to argue over points of practice, and God simply says you are saved and blessed or
you are not. There are constant discussions and division of opinion over those topics.
We don’t see things alike, and most of the time, everyone thinks the system is unfair to
Jesus called people to follow him. Those that did were healed, taught and blessed. They
were also given responsibility. Privilege always means responsibility. Jesus’ message
is that God never intended to leave us here so that we could adjust to this world and
find our path to fairness and equity for all people. He called us to privilege to leave this
world and be with him. He called all of us with no limitations. He doesn’t want equality;
he wants to bless. There are divisions simply because some choose not to be blessed.
They don’t want God and would like to just keep this world.
Jesus did not make divisions; we did. He called all people to follow him and to have
a relationship with God. He was not lifting up one group over another like was done
with Abraham and Moses. In Jesus, all people now can have access in one Spirit to
the father. Division exists for God because we choose something other than what God
wants. Division exists for us because some people are different, and we want to be
better than them. God invites all people to come to him and find blessing. Jesus came to
reconcile all people to God through him. We can have unity in Christ who blesses us all.
— Terry