Here is a letter to the Mission Committee from Curtis Allen:

On our trip to El Salvador we visited with Bro. Venancio and the church in San Pedro Puxtla.  It was a very good visit.   The electrical work needed in the children’s classroom was completed and the room looked great. The tables and chairs for the children are in use and the children are very expressive of their happiness with all. The rain gutters are completed and done in a creative way.

el salvador 2014 057The support money given in advance of this year has been used wisely.  Bro.Venancio was going to build the store next to the church but that was not possible.  He also looked at renting a house to live and have the store there but it was to costly at $125 a month.  So he made a financial decision to build a room on to his existing house.  The cost of this was $128.  Electrical hook up was needed at a cost of $100.  He also bought a refrigerator for $500.  $100 dollars down and $8.40 a month payment.  He has already paid in down to $260.  The rest of the money was used to supply the store with supplies.  Some items are tomatoes, eggs, medicine, corn and cell phone and internet service.  The remainder he has used to live on.

He works the land surrounding his house 2 or 3 days a week, the rest of the time is with the church or store.

el salvador 2014 051His wife can manage the store.  The frig was full of soda and the freezer a frozen drink they like.

He is on board with a three month evangelistic campaign in San Pedro.  The cost for a minister to come do this would be $250 per month.  We had talked about a two month campaign.  I’m thinking this is still a good plan.  A preacher willing to come for 3 months is needed to be found.

Of the $2,700 budgeted for San Pedro.  $1,000 has been given for a business,  $600 has been given for church support,  if we do a campaign for $750 that would leave $350 that can go to him for support.  He does understand this is the end of his direct support.  The spirit of this church has soared with the help given by the Mesa church.  We feel it when we are their.  Lot’s of hugs and gracious thank yous.  I believe we have lifted there self esteem.  They can feel blessed by God that they have a decent building to invite people to come to.  A good work has been done here by Mesa that will last.

Thank you,
Curtis Allen