Mesa decided in 1989 to help evangelize Southeast Asia. We began supporting the Foxes in Thailand, supported native Thai preachers, launched a major effort coupling medical projects and evangelism in Communist Laos, trained and equipped native preachers in Myanmar (formerly Burma), and planted congregations in three major cities in Thailand. Twenty-four years later the church in Laos is planning to launch their own Bible training school. We are currently supply money for living expenses for one current Lao Bible student in Thailand, and could support up to three students in the new Laotian Bible school. We are committed to encourage, mature, and equip native churches in Southeast Asia.

Ken and Jean Fox spent 197 days in Thailand, Cambodia and Myanmar from October, 2014 to April, 2015 training preacher students, speaking at national family camps, teaching church leaders in Myanmar, preaching for numerous Southeast Asia congregations  and encouraging Laotian Christians on the Thai/Lao border.

Tim and Cheryl Carlin managed the Ship of Life in Cambodia for four months in 2015. They taught English Bible classes, supervised the ten person ship crew, helped treat 100 patients a day, and encouraged Cambodian Christians and churches in Siem Reap and Phnom Penh.