The Audio Visual and Information Technology Department (AV&IT) support the running of the the church’s audio systems, projection systems, website, computers, computer network, and WiFi.

Several responsibilities include…

  • Maintaining and supporting the P.A. System (Audio board, amplifiers, speakers, recording equipment, etc.)
  • Maintaining and supporting the projectors in both auditoriums and all classrooms.
  • Maintaining and supporting all computers in the church (keeping all operating systems, programs and antivirus software up to date), and the computer network (both ethernet and wifi).
  • Make recommendations to elders when outside repair, upgrades and purchases are necessary.
  • Maintaining and supporting the audio library of recorded sermons and bible classes.
  • Fill requests for sermon and bible class audio made by members, shut-ins, and visitors.
  • Maintain the church website and social media accounts on a weekly basis.
  • Recruit and train church members to help and assist the deacons in carrying out tasks.

The A/V half of the department is lead by Jim Bolton assisted by Rich Rowland, and the IT half is lead by Tom Jacobson.

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